What is Lifestyle Newborn Photography?

This is the most relaxing way to capture the precious time and celebration of your new baby. 

Most of the photoshoot have multiple breaks in-between for feeding changing and comforting our little model. At home session allows both mother and a baby to be in the relaxed environment with an easy access to everything they might need. Also, all these moments worth being captured as well. May be today you thing of this a s a routine, but in years to come you will remember these moments with a big warm feeling in your heart. 

The beauty of a newborn lifestyle session is a range of details. We capture all little moments and the atmosphere. 

We don't need many accessories or fancy outfits. Minimalism is a key! I want to capture your emotions, baby's personality and that love in the air.

Don't worry about the posing, just enjoy yourself in the moment and disappear in the beauty of motherhood and I will make sure to capture this magical moment from the best side.